Are You Interested In Becoming a Professional Investigator?
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Private Investigation is an exciting and unique opportunity to apply so many facets of an individuals personality toward a rewarding career. 

Although it is nothing like television stereotypes, private detective work is a challenging job that  is different every day.

Our agency has partnered with several colleges and educational institutions around the State to deliver courses that have trained hundreds of investigators and private detectives over the past ten years. 

In the State of Georgia, the law requires an 70 hour basic training course for all private detectives.  Our classes exceed the State minimums and are facilitated by licensed professionals with real experience and knowledge of the industry.

The law also requires that  all mandated courses be taught and facilitated by a
State Certified Instructor

Prior to taking any Georgia course make sure that the instructor is actually certified by the Georgia Board of Private Detective and Security Agencies.  Otherwise you have wasted your money and been defrauded by a con artist.  Remember, there are a lot of quality investigators in our field, but not everyone is certified and experienced enough to train others.

You can verify any instructor in Georgia by clicking on this link:

If you are interested in taking the mandated Georgia Private Detective course offered by our certified instructors, please contact us at 770-830-6500 or complete our contact form.  We have trained and developed some of the top investigators in this State. 

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