Being Stalked?
Our agency specializes in stalking and threat management consulting.   Many of our clients have come to us for advice and guidance when law enforcement and the courts have run their course. 

We do not replace law enforcement intervention, but we do compliment  their investigation and assist with security related issues.  If you think you are being followed, harassed or have become a victim of this type of mental terrorism we may be able to help.

Our Consultation Services Include:
  • Security Planning
  • Workplace Violence
  • Counter Surveillance Methods
  • Bug Sweeps & Detection
  • Covert Camera Detection
  • Stalking Investigations
Call us today, our consultations are reasonable and confidential.   Safety plans are usually flat rate fees and offer strategies to protect you and your family.

In addition, we can develop threat assessments on subjects which help you better plan for security measures.
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